Military Breed: Belgian Malinois


Meet our next handsome military dog breed who also reigns from Europe! The Belgian Malinois is an extrmeley popular working dog used by the military as well. Don’t confuse its looks with its distant cousin the German Shepherd, this dog Is highly skilled and makes a good working animal.

Description: The Belgian Malinois shares a similar structure to the German Sheperd and has a body that is often described as square. They are similar in side and have a weather resistant double coat which is short and straight. Their coat colours range from a rich fawn red, mahogany and black.

History: The Belgian Malinois is one of Belgians four sheepdogs. They are accustomed to an active outdoor life style which allows them to exert their intelligence. Although this breed is rare in the USA, they are popularly used as frontline dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are versatile and are used not only for police work. They are also used for narcotic and bomb detection, protection and Schutzhund, search and rescues and even being assistant to the disabled.

Personality: A smart and obedient dog , the Belgian Malinois has a strong and protective territorial instinct. They need strong leadership from a companion who needs to display a natural authority over the dog. This breed can be trained easily and is socialised very well if gained from a young age. They are known to be watchful, alert and highly loyal. Along with daily exercise they need high energy workouts to keep up with their high mental capacity.
These dogs can be dominant around other dogs and need strong communication to ensure dominance in the relationship, and need a very experienced owner to control. They will sometime display herding behaviours such as chasing and circling.


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