What does it take to become a MWD?

Did you know that all dogs who are trained with the military need to go through mandatory health, intelligence and physical challenges before they are even allowed to get into training? These dogs deserve a big pat on the back to keep up with their 2 legged companions (or perhaps for the troops to keep up with them)

Key characteristics within MWD would include an important mix between
1) Personality
2) Loyalty
3) Intelligence
4) Aggressiveness
5) Athletic ability

So what are some of the roles which these canine companions will be placed in? There are many who work in the front of the line whilst others have also been needed as media dogs. Common roles include:

  • Sentry dogs (who work to deal with intruders)
  • Mine dogs (trained to delegate with bombs and tripwires)
  • Scout of patrol (trained to help with snipers and ambushers)
  • Drug dogs (sniff out foreign drug dealers and drug lords)

    In Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hope this was an insightful summary to how these dogs are trained and their role in the military! Keep your eyes peeled for our new blog post series: Military breeds which will be coming soon…


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