Military working dogs in America

cropped-773626537162918693.jpgIt is estimated that over the span of their service, a military solider will save over 150 soldiers lives. These animals are not only the furry heroes in the frontline force but also brace service animals who also deserve a respectable name. According  to figures from the Ministry of Defence, over 807 military working dogs have been killed in America, due to the same excuse that has been repeated over and over again.

The date that these loyal animals are too fierce to be retained as pet and can become violent after service is not backed up by sufficient research whatsoever. So why should these animals be treated any different to retired soldiers?

The figures show that this is not only an increasing and worry trend that is often neglected amongst military debates but also an ongoing issue that as not been addressed enough. From the 2002-2011 the number of troops who were stationed to Iraq was increased. The number of MWD (Military Working Dogs) that were destroyed after service rose accordingly.

Although soldiers would love to be rehomed with their furry friends after service, sending them home isn’t always the option due to financial expenses. Many animals who finish their service in war zones, whether they are healthy or deteriorating in health, will be sentenced to a cruel death.

Keep updated about our next post which will surround the debate around post traumatic stress in canines. Can it really happen? Are dogs even more susceptible to these psychological changes than humans?


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