Pet Hack: Adopting a Retired Service Dog

140811_MWDRyky2_QuinnHelp these former service animals and give them the best career change they could ever ask for. Here are some tips and tricks to consider before adopting an ex-service K9.

1. Discuss
Are you ready for this big decision and have a suitable environment for your new canine pet to live in (i.e. Mature household with no small children). Getting a new pet is exciting but please consider the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner.

2. Research
Once you feel like you are ready to dive into the deep end make sure that you are also filling yourself in with necessary information from different organisations. Here is the RAAF MWD page and information into adoption processes.

3. Application
Make sure everything is filled in correctly and you should be hearing back after a review

4. Love your new best mate! 
Go out and bond with your new canine best friend and make sure you make these memories last




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