Fate of MWD’s in Australia

After all the years you have dedicated to serving your country and risking your life, you are cast away and destroyed like nothing has ever happened.

This was the fate for Military Working Dogs in the Royal Australian Air Force up until last October, 2013. It was until then that the RAAF Amberley base considered the retirement for service dogs.The shocking fact is that prior to this animals had been put down after their long years of service to the army as they were deemed too vicious and dangerous for everyday life.

The assessment involved in this program has allowed the 8-year-old German Shepard, Turk, to live a normal life again. These dogs will be subjected to environments where they will be tested on stress and their actions in the public. The RSPCA is also involved in this program to determine the military working dog’s engagement with other dogs around them.

Yes, military dogs have been subjected to a lot of stress and anxiety from their service over the years. And yes, some dogs may have the tendency to be psychologically strained. But it certainly does not give you a right to take away a precious life that should have the mutual respect his comrades have been given.



The brave and mighty , Turk

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